George Rodier

Hey there! My name is George (if that isn't already obvious by coming to this site). I'm a software developer and have been focused on building for the web recently. Therefore it only seems appropriate that I have a website too.

And this is it. This is that website. Not that exciting, huh? Well there's a reason for that. I currently don't have much to say.

A developer with no opinions? Blasphemy!

Well no worries - I have plenty of opinions. But I don't have as much time to strategize how I want to share them here. My time, attention, and priorities are currently pulling me elsewhere with my first priority being my job (in terms of my dev life - family, health, etc are definitely higher priorities).

I've done a lot in my career from iOS and Android apps to C# api's to C++ libraries for desktop apps to fullstack Angular and React apps. Currently I've been focused on building performant, component-first, React web frameworks as well as client side JavaScript libraries for managing data. Outside of work, I still like to code and tinker and build (and destroy) and mostly iterate and learn new things.

So yeah - that takes up a lot of time and headspace. And right now those are things I'd rather be doing too (considering this is my space I think that's important).

But I have a space and that's a start. It gives me a place to iterate. So there is a good chance that if you are reading this today, it may be very different the next time you visit. Who knows what this will become (if anything). I'm excited to find out (or not lol).

If you're here looking for a way to contact me, check out the different links I have in the footer. Thanks!