It Only Gets Better From Here

I’ve been thinking a lot about success in different contexts, what success means, and how to achieve it. One of the most common characteristics I’ve observed amongst “successful” people is showing up and putting in the effort.

Want to become rich? Invest your money in index funds and let them compound over time. Want to get strong in the gym? Show up consistently week in and week out for multiple years and use progressive enhancement. Want to be a better employee? Continually learn and work hard at your craft. The growth you’ll see looking in the rearview will astonish you.

Quick wins are rare. Continual improvement over time always wins out.

I share this, because I feel it is the only appropriate mindset to have when writing a first post. There is a recognition that this isn’t the final product. I have so many ideas that I want to explore and share (technology, writing, building, ambition, motivation, pragmatism, frameworks, cooking, software, and more). By continually showing up and writing, day in and day out over many years, I’ll be able to find my voice, pull at the threads of my writing interests, and hone my craft.

What can you control today? What can you start with right now?

Completing a marathon and running 26.2 miles is a successful accomplishment. But to get the finish line, you need to get to the starting line. And before the starting line is the hard work of training. To train effectively you need an established running base. To establish a running base you need to go on that very first run. And before that very first run you need to put on and lace up your shoes.

A first post is putting on the shoes. It’s a journey. This is the first step. And it only gets better from here.